trap1 [træp] n
1¦(for animals)¦
2¦(clever trick)¦
3¦(bad situation)¦
4 fall into/avoid the trap of doing something
5 keep your trap shut
6 shut your trap!
9¦(dog race)¦
[: Old English; Origin: trAppe, treppe]
a piece of equipment for catching animals
The only way to catch mice is to set a trap.
He stepped into a bear trap covered in snow.
a clever trick that is used to catch someone or to make them do or say something that they did not intend to
lay/set a trap (for sb)
Mr Smith has walked straight into a trap laid by the Tories.
fall/walk into a trap
Police had set a trap for hooligans at the match.
an unpleasant or difficult situation that is difficult to escape from
Amanda felt that marriage was a trap.
debt/unemployment etc trap
people caught in the unemployment trap
4.) fall into/avoid the trap of doing sth
to do something that seems good at the time but is not sensible or wise, or to avoid doing this
Don't fall into the trap of investing all your money in one place.
5.) keep your trap shut
spoken a rude way of telling someone to not say anything about things that are secret
Just keep your trap shut.
6.) shut your trap!
spoken a rude way of telling someone to stop talking
7.) ¦(VEHICLE)¦
a vehicle with two wheels, pulled by a horse
8.) ¦(SPORT)¦
British Equivalent: bunker
9.) ¦(DOG RACE)¦
a special gate from which a ↑greyhound is set free at the beginning of a race
→↑booby trap, death trap,poverty trap atpoverty, ↑speed trap, tourist trap
trap 2
trap2 S3 past tense and past participle trapped present participle trapping
v [T]
1¦(in a dangerous place)¦
2¦(in a bad situation)¦
4¦(catch somebody)¦
7¦(gas/water etc)¦
1.) ¦(IN A DANGEROUS PLACE)¦ [usually passive]
to prevent someone from escaping from somewhere, especially a dangerous place
Twenty miners were trapped underground.
Dozens of people were trapped in the rubble when the building collapsed.
There's no way out! We're trapped!
be/feel trapped
to be in a bad situation from which you cannot escape
be/feel trapped in
Julia felt trapped in her role of wife and mother.
3.) ¦(ANIMAL)¦
to catch an animal or bird using a trap
to catch someone by forcing them into a place from which they cannot escape
The police trapped the terrorists at a roadblock.
5.) ¦(TRICK)¦
to trick someone so that you make them do or say something that they did not intend to
trap sb into (doing) sth
I was trapped into signing a confession.
6.) ¦(CRUSH)¦
BrE to get a part of your body crushed between two objects
American Equivalent: pinch
Mind you don't trap your fingers in the door.
pain from a trapped nerve
to prevent something such as gas or water from getting away
solar panels that trap the sun's heat

Dictionary of contemporary English. 2013.

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